R & D team

Since the establishment of the company, the company has established R&D teams. Currently, the R&D team is divided into: Quality R&D Department, Formulation R&D Department, and General Information and Regulatory Registration Department. The establishment of the R&D team is entirely in accordance with the professional team, forming a project from the selected items and cooperation. The professional technical team for the development, generic and innovative drug development, pharmacology and clinical research, and project registration and comprehensive management has established a complete R&D system from project approval to application. The R&D department now has a team of professional, high-quality, learning ability and hands-on high-efficiency teams. The team members are professional technicians who have engaged in this industry for many years, and each year recruits industry-related graduates from various colleges and universities, constantly replenishing fresh Blood, maintaining the vitality of the team, has now formed a research team that combines old, young, and young researchers with graduate students as the main force.

  • Quality R&D Department

  • Formulation R&D

  • Integrated Information Department

  • Regulatory Registration Department

  • Since 2011, the company has continued to increase investment in research and development facilities, and has cooperated with institutions such as the Northwest Institute of Plateau Biology and the Third Military Medical University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in the production, research and research cooperation, and has hired one of the two major professional schools in the pharmaceutical industry in China - Shenyang Pharmaceutical Sciences. Professors of the University, as technical consultants of our company, form an integrated technical team and provide our company with more powerful backup R&D forces.

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