Strictly fulfilling health mission

As a pharmaceutical company devoted to the human life and health industry, 新宝彩票娱乐-新宝彩票娱乐登录 is duty-bound to shoulder the sacred mission and responsibility for making due contributions to human life and health.
Jinmeiji Pharmaceuticals regards the quality of its products as the life of the company, starts from the process of drug R&D and manufacturing, strictly controls the quality of drugs from the source, and at the same time establishes an international quality management system that meets the GMP and ICH requirements of China, the United States, and Europe. Provides high standards of production environment and management methods for drug R&D and production, ensures that the manufactured drugs meet the national drug standards and their intended use, and ensures that the drugs are safe, effective, stable, and uniform, and protect the interests of patients. Kim Mee-Mei Pharmaceuticals hopes to become a pharmaceutical manufacturing company that allows patients to feel at ease, feel at ease, and be recognized by society through their continuous efforts and growth!

Pay attention to environmental protection

As a highly socially responsible company, Jinmeiji Pharmaceutical not only strictly complies with various laws and regulations and is honest and trustworthy, but also attaches great importance to environmental protection and the sustainable development of corporate resources and natural resources. Through measures such as self-constructed wastewater treatment systems and rings to preserve acceptance, rationally manage wastes, reduce waste discharges, and fully utilize natural resources, we can achieve zero pollution and safe discharge of waste gas and waste water, safe collection and treatment of solid waste, energy conservation, and consumption reduction. surroundings.

people oriented

Jinmeiji Pharmaceuticals, as a subsidiary of Dongguan Golden Jimmy Group, is a company that provides a lot of job opportunities for the citizens of Dongguan. The company adheres to the people-centered approach and provides employees with a clean and comfortable working environment, safe and reliable working conditions, and labor protection while strictly adhering to the labor laws. The company attaches great importance to the management of employees' health, arranges free medical examinations for employees every year, and allows them to work at ease. Depending on the company as a home, the company often organizes a variety of corporate cultural activities and internal and external training to promote the development of professional qualities and overall quality of employees. It encourages employees to fully realize their self-worth in the enterprise and to be a useful person for the family, the company, and the society.

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